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The Flavors Of Placencia

By: Itzana / 22 Oct 2016
The Flavors Of Placencia

Belize is a remarkable blend of cultures, textures, and flavors. Our breathtaking country is unique for many reasons - not least of which is the mosaic of the Caribbean, Creole, Mestizo, and Garifuna influences that make up Belizean cuisine. After a day of exploring jungles and caves, or diving into the endless barrier reef, you can return to town to experience a new kind of savory undertaking.

One of the best parts about these tropical ingredients is how wonderfully they fuse together to make something utterly unique. Here are just a few of our favorite foodie flavors from Placencia...


This juicy stone fruit is as sweet as it is versatile. We like ours on its own, in smoothies, salsas... honestly, there's not much we don't like it in. The annual Mango Festival in Hopkins celebrates mangoes in their natural form, but we think every day should be dedicated to this pretty yellow number.

The Flavors Of Placencia


For some, lobster is reserved for special occasions. To us at Itz'ana, every day is an occasion. Dive in to freshly caught lobster kissed by garlic butter, surrounded by your favorite people, while watching the sunset over the lush lagoon. It's a celebration of life itself.

The Flavors Of Placencia

Marie Sharp's Hot Sauce

While not technically a dish, Belize just wouldn't be the same without this spicy kick. The melange of fire, flavor, and habanero is a complex enhancement to any meal you'll have in the country. And the best part is they come in travel size, so you can take a taste of Placencia with you when you go.

The Flavors Of Placencia

Johnny Cakes

If Belize had only one Facebook page, Johnny Cakes would be the cover photo. As ubiquitous as pancakes in the United States, or croissants in France, Johnny Cakes possess a taste that's pure Belizean. The perfect way to begin a day of adventure, you can fill this beloved cornmeal flatbread with just about anything your heart desires.

Fresh Coconut

The most challenging part of a coconut? Deciding which way you want it served! The possibilities are endless: coconut water to refuel during a day of reef diving or hiking Mayan ruins, or perhaps some curry and rice prepared with coconut milk (a meal in Belize that is second to none!). It's the ultimate choose-your-own (culinary) adventure.

Caribbean Rum

Pina Coladas, daiquiris, mojitos, dark and stormies... stop us when you get the idea. Caribbean rum is the perfect addition to your poolside cocktail. With its signature smooth flavor and vanilla undertones, it won't be long before you're feeling just as smooth. And the exclusive Rum Room in Itz'ana's Great House is the perfect place to begin this journey of the senses.


Every day should end with a little something sweet, and Belize is the perfect place to find hand-crafted, artisan chocolate just the way the Mayans have made it for centuries. Sea salt, cinnamon, caramel... when each bar yields a new flavor, why stop at just one?

Beautiful memories often start with a delicious meal. Contact our team to begin making memories of your own.

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