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Sustainability with Itz’ana Resort and Residences Placencia Stann Creek

A Belize Resort Committed to Sustainability

Itz'ana brings eco-luxury to life. Located in the emerald waters of the Caribbean Sea, our resort is committed to protecting our beautiful environment and supporting our community.

Green Globe by Itz’ana Resort and Residences in Placencia, Stann Creek

Green Globe Certified

There is no luxury quite like sustainable luxury. Itz'ana Resort and Residences is proud of the eco-friendly initiatives and conservation programs our team has set in place to make eco-luxury a reality. With a determination to do the very best for our community, country, and planet, we are thrilled to announce that we have received Green Globe Certification. The Green Globe Standard represents the highest level of sustainability, and our team is honored to achieve this acclaimed approval for our operations and programs at Itz'ana!
save the manatee of Itz’ana Resort and Residences Placencia Stann Creek

Save The Manatees

By supporting Jamal Galves, from Clearwater Marine Aquarium Research Institute, Itz'ana has pledged to create a safe environment for the protection of Manatees in our Placencia Peninsula. We have also sponsored the Marine Conservation Camp, and were honored to host this incredible camp at our resort. We are dedicated not only to marine conservation, but to inspiring the next generation of conservationists!
beach cleanup at Itz'ana Resort

Beach Cleanup with 4Ocean and Maverick

In partnership with 4Ocean and Maverick, Itz'ana Resort was honored to host a beach cleanup initiative where we witnessed collaboration with our community. At Itz'ana, we are cognizant of our social responsibility and we aim to continue playing a pivotal role in the environmental and social needs of our community, Seine Bight. It is with love and respect that we remain leaders of change, and we look forward to many more community cleanups in the future!

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Our Community, Seine Bight

Our Community

At Itz'ana, we understand the importance of giving back to our community. In various ways, our team seeks to connect with and support the community to which we belong: Seine Bight Village. We support our local police department in various ways, such as offering our facilities to them. Our resort also supports the children of our community in many ways, by facilitating donations of materials from our guests to the local schools, sponsoring the female soccer team, or involving the local schools in our conscious activities, such as our recent beach cleanup in partnership with 4Ocean.  We recognize the significance of responsible tourism and are committed to enriching our community through our operations!

Placencia Sailing Club

The Placencia Sailing Club

Itz'ana is proud to support the Placencia Sailing Club, a program that we are sponsoring for the entire year. In addition to pledging our financial support, we are also providing the club with access to our marina. Through this program, we hope to see the youth of the Placencia Peninsula being inspired to love and care for the ocean as they are trained, taught leadership skills, and learn teamwork through sailing. For more information, please visit