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Marina at Itz’ana Resort and Residences Placencia Stann Creek

Embark on your water adventure from our private harbor

Located mere miles from the world's healthiest and second largest reef system, Itz'ana is the perfect launching pad for fishing, diving, snorkeling, and leisurely sailing through some of the most pristine waters in the world. Our full - service marina features a watersports activity center, refueling station, and supplies store. It also services the residences that feature boat docks on the lagoon.
Marina Highlights at Itz’ana Resort and Residences Placencia

Marina Highlights

  • 18 slips, each with a shore power pedestal (including an electrical connection of 220 V 50 2.0 amp, and a fresh-water connection)
  • Allows a 68-foot boat to turn 360 degrees
  • Depth of 14 feet
  • Width of 60 feet at the narrowest point
  • Channel depth of 9 feet
  • On-site gas station
  • Water treatment
  • 24/7 security


On Board Service:

Limilia Restaurant menu Limilia Restaurant menu

Menu on the Go

  • Packed and sealed ready to heat and serve.
  • Pizzas: Margherita, Ham, Peperoni.
  • Protein: Cochinita Pibil, Brisket, Grilled Chicken.
  • Other: Lasagna, Fried rice, Variety of Pastas.
  • Cold Sandwich: Chicken salad, Ham and Cheese, Vegan, Bagel with Seasonal Toppings.
  • Charcuterie: Different size of boards.
  • Beverage: Pack of Water, Sodas, Wine, 6