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By: Itzana / 30 Aug 2022

Set new intentions before the Caribbean Sea, nourish your soul to the rhythm of the drums, and marvel at the dynamic cultural wonders of Belize! Thoughtfully curated yet thrillingly playful, we are pleased to introduce a collection of one-of-a-kind Itz'ana Experiences that pays homage to the vibrant culture, rich gastronomy, and breathtaking natural wonders of our home, Belize. Here, unforgettable escapades beckon.

Celebrating Culture

Let the magnificence of culture and heritage unfold before your eyes as our Itz'ana Experiences wonderfully celebrate the many cultures that represent Belize. Join "Naru", Garifuna for grandmother, as you embark on an exceptional culinary expedition exploring the skills and ingredients necessary to create delicious Garifuna cuisine. Take it one step further, and combine this experience with a Drumming Class. Let the rhythm take over and explore the high-spirited sounds of the Garifuna genres, Punta and Paranda. Beginners and expert drummers alike will revel in this immersive cultural exploration. Hosted by the experts themselves, local Garinagu, these interactive experiences bring to life stories of the past and the present.

Create and Explore

Our new collection of experiences is tailor-made to discovering the creative heartbeat of Belize. With the beachfront as the backdrop, our Painting Class is one of the many experiences that invite you to draw inspiration from our stunning surroundings. With the vivid hues of the sea and the vibrancy of the tropics, craft a memento under the guidance of a local artist. Let creativity lead the way, and invite moments of reflection as you become aligned with your creative spirit. When your masterpiece is complete, take your craftsmanship to new heights with a hands-on experience with Itz'ana Mixology, an exploration into the techniques of crafting cocktails. Featuring local Belizean rum and the freshest ingredients, our expert mixologists will guide you in an interactive lesson sharing recipes and tips to making our signature drinks!

Energize and Empower

At Itz'ana, we believe in the art of slowing down, which is why we have also included a special selection of revitalizing experiences. From Yoga Sessions to Meditation Classes, our curated list is a journey of self-discovery. Most notable is our newly introduced Ayuderveda Workshop, designed to share the healing potential of alternative medicine that comes from Mother Earth.

Free your spirit and be immersed in Belize's most authentic displays with our new collection of Itz'ana Experiences. Lose yourself in the charm of every moment, and unwind in beachfront luxury at Itz'ana Resort.

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