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Guest Experience: A Nautical Adventure

By: Itzana / 22 Mar 2019
Guest Experience: A Nautical Adventure

"Adventure by day, luxury by night." 

Since the conception of Itz'ana, our monicker has been rooted in the natural dichotomies Belize has to offer. We want our guests getting out into the wild...under a waterfall, on top of a ruin, deep in a cave, and submerged in the sea. Then, our intention is for them to return to their villas and be pampered by the bliss of our spa, the scrumptious cuisine of the restaurants, and the bespoke service of our team.

Recently, we've been sending our guests out with Belize's newest Tour Operator, Nautical Adventures. Conceptualized in 2018, they have reached the top of the Trip Advisor charts in under a year. Owned and operated by Lee Brown and Gerrick Jefferys, with 40-foot Leopard Catamarans built in South Africa as their fleet and local Captains and guides as crew, perhaps the most unique thing about this experience is that it's both adventure and luxury rolled into one.

After boarding a luxury catamaran in the early hours of the morning, we suggest our guests say "yes" to the mimosa they're offered as the sails are hoisted. Take a minute to relish the sensation of moving atop the sea despite the lack of motor, hearing only the breeze as it rushes past, the lapping of the water against the boat and the rustling of the jib as it finds it way to taut. That they tilt their chin up into the air, eyes closed and take a big deep breath in. Is there anything better than sailing?

 Guest Experience: A Nautical Adventure

And a day with Nautical Adventures is as much about spending time on a beautiful island as it is about sailing. They either take their guests to Laughing Bird or Moho Caye (both located about 12 nautical miles from Placencia) where there are white sandy beaches, palm trees dancing in the wind and the coral is abundant. The kind of place that reminds you just how many natural shades of blue there are - from the lightest turquoise to the darkest navy. Fully equipped with snorkel gear and guides as escorts, our guests are privy to some of the most colorful and alive reef systems in the world. Purple fans, yellow brains, green funnels all swaying just under the surface. The bright juvenile fish bobbing back and forth in time with the lapping waves and the barracudas hovering at eye level, unaffected at all by their pull.

Then it's lunch time! Depending on the season, the menu either boasts lobster tail or shrimp & pineapple skewers - always prepared on the open fire grill. Greek salad, pineapple ceviche, and roasted potatoes are often offered as the delicious sides. An all-inclusive experience, the exceptional crew become servers and often chastise their passengers, "It's my job to remind you that you're on vacation and I'm going to need you to behave accordingly". This means, allowing them to refill your glass before it's empty and after they've inflated your floating lounge chair. It's best to lie back and soak it all in as you bob around in the turquoise water with your drink in hand and head laid back.

A walk on the beach, a photo opp with your loved one, and maybe a light swim out to the white sandbar just off the edge of the island... and then it's time to head back to the boat. A beautiful sail back to Placencia will leave you feeling sunkissed and rejuvenated and ready for a spectacular meal in our Limilia restaurant. (And, not too long from now, perhaps a nightcap in the Itz'ana Rum Room.)

We can't wait to take you on a Nautical Adventure!

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