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Friends, Family... Partners? Why Group Owning Is Picking Up

By: Itzana / 21 Sep 2016
Friends, Family... Partners? Why Group Owning Is Picking Up

There's a trend happening at Itz'ana. Over the last few months we've been welcoming a lot of groups to our homeowner's club. Friends from Canada, colleagues from Guatemala, and groups of doctors from the US have all been buying into the Belizean dream together. And we couldn't be more thrilled!

After all, is there anything more deserving of celebration than people coming together to achieve a shared goal?

There are two main reasons that these new Itz'ana homeowners are getting together amongst themselves.

Primarily, it lowers the entry point for investing in such a stellar property. While Belize and Itz'ana offer incredible value for the money when it comes to buying a waterfront vacation home in the Caribbean, it can be easier for some budding entrepreneurs, young families, and hard-working empty nesters to get a group together and form a partnership.

Why Group Owning Is Picking Up

Secondly, you can get all the time in Belize you crave. Many of our homeowners are CEOs, doctors, and entrepreneurs that know they won't be able to use their Itz'ana residence for most of the year. By splitting ownership with partners, you still have the opportunity to use your home as often as possible, at a price point that makes you happy. It's the perfect win-win.

(This would also be a good time to mention that there are absolutely no usage restrictions on your Itz'ana vacation home. Enjoy your villa or cottage as much as you like throughout the year!)

Why Group Owning Is Picking Up

The best part about buying as a group at Itz'ana? Unlike other developers, we aren't going to charge you extra for the pleasure. Itz'ana is driven by a team dedicated to creating real value for our community's owners which is why we chose not to formally offer what's known in the business as "fractionals".

Typically, the sale of "fractional" properties involves charging significantly more for the exact same property. Also, where other resort developments may charge each individual partner higher fees, the Itz'ana team treats all of our owners with the same respect and offers the same price - whether the owner of the residence is flying solo, as a couple, or as a group of six or more! Your home, your decision.

Why Group Owning Is Picking Up

So if you've been doing the math, this means you could own a waterfront property in Belize for under $100,000 if you called up a few friends right now. So what are you waiting for? Get on the phone and talk to our team today! Your dream vacation home doesn't need to wait another 5, 10, or 30 years. You can have your rum punch and drink it too... starting in 2017!

Itz'ana Residences are selling fast. Talk to our team today to discover which home works best for you and your partner. We can't wait to welcome you to the family.

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