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Fall In Love With Where You Live

By: Itzana / 16 Mar 2020
Fall In Love With Where You Live

Wherever you go, you must go with all your heart. We know your love for Belize is unconditional, and so is ours. This is why at Itz'ana, we have realized how valuable and enlightening it is to travel within your country. It provides you with not only hassle-free enjoyment and relaxation, but it imparts a new understanding of your home, your culture, and your history.

 Fall In Love With Where You Live

Here at Itz'ana, our team has developed a list of reasons they love being a tourist where they live:

1. Traveling within Belize provides you a fresh perspective on new possibilities, and new knowledge of your country.

2. You have the opportunity to develop new life-long friendships with other guests from your own country, making it easy to connect and adventure together in the future.

3. It enriches your everyday life by taking the time to enjoy, appreciate, and absorb the beauty of Belize and all it has to offer.

4. Local travel provides you with an opportunity to learn about your country's history, culture, and the heritage of your diverse people, all while supporting local and practicing sustainability.

5. It allows you to embark on a personal journey of self-discovery, where you divert your energy into refreshing your mind and recharging your body, and becoming one with your natural surroundings.

We would love for you to experience all the reasons to love being a tourist in Belize, and have created a captivating offer for all Belizeans! Locals and residents can now enjoy the luxury of our pristine resort, situated in the heart of the beautiful Placencia peninsula; a perfect synthesis of the coral reef, the rainforest, and local culture. Itz'ana has just made it easier to explore Placencia's best features with style, while being a traveler at home.

 Fall In Love With Where You Live

Our Belizean Special includes the perks of discounted accommodation at $199 BZD ($99.50 US dollars) per night, with delicious and tropical complimentary continental breakfast for two. You can also immerse your palate with our seasonal and seafood-focused menu at Limila Restaurant with 20% off all Food and Beverage.

 Fall In Love With Where You Live

Learn more about our Belizean Special and maybe even take a look at our menus. Can't wait? Click here to book now.

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