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By: Itz'ana Resort / 27 Feb 2024
Itz'ana's Beach, Lagoon & Marina

In the quest for unique experiences, every traveler seeks a distinct moment—a tranquil respite, an exhilarating adventure, or simply a chance to commune with nature's embrace. To those yearning for serenity, Itz'ana's beachfront offers solace and beauty. Meanwhile, our lagoon whispers invitations to exploration and discovery. Yet, amidst these natural wonders, our marina holds its own allure, capturing the spirit of excitement and possibility. From sun-drenched moments to invigorating escapades, Itz'ana offers a myriad of experiences, inviting guests to uncover the treasures that await amidst paradise.

Beachfront Serenity

Our beachfront unveils a timeless sanctuary where the Caribbean Sea's azure waters meet the golden sands, creating a picturesque tableau of tranquility and beauty. Here, the gentle cadence of the waves offers solace to weary souls seeking respite, while the sun-kissed shores beckon with promises of serenity and renewal. Whether it's a leisurely stroll along the water's edge or a moment of quiet contemplation beneath the swaying palms, every experience on our beachfront is imbued with the soothing embrace of nature's elegance.

Lagoon Wonders

As the sun's golden rays delicately dance upon the lagoon's glassy surface, a breathtaking scene unfolds, reflecting the splendor of the surrounding landscape. Lined with peaceful residences along its tranquil shores, each dwelling embraces nature's grandeur with a front-row view. Here, guests are beckoned into a realm of exploration, where kayaks and paddleboards patiently await to guide them through the lagoon's serene waters. From the tranquil shoreline to the lively depths below, the lagoon offers a sanctuary for those yearning to reconnect with the natural rhythms of Belize's coastal wilderness. Whether indulging in a leisurely paddle or savoring a moment of tranquil reflection, every experience upon our lagoon resonates with the timeless allure of our coastal sanctuary.

Marina Adventures

Adjacent to the picturesque setting of our lagoon lies our marina. Unlike traditional waterfronts, where boats come ashore from the open sea, Itz'ana's lagoon offers a serene passage to maritime explorations. Here, amidst the tranquil waters, boats glide effortlessly into the marina, their sails billowing in the breeze as they chart a course towards new horizons. Guests have the opportunity to embark on thrilling excursions, whether casting off into the horizon or returning from an exhilarating day of exploration. With the lagoon and marina intertwining as gateways to our coastal paradise, each departure and arrival becomes a part of the enchanting rhythm that defines life at Itz'ana.

Discover Itz'ana's Splendor

With a unique layout harmonizing the serene beachfront, dynamic marina, and enchanting lagoon, Itz'ana encapsulates coastal living in a singular destination. As sunlight dances upon the water's surface, mingling golden hues with the depths below, the soul finds solace and the heart finds home. Plan your stay today and let wanderlust guide your next getaway.

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