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Experience Chain-free Travel In Belize

By: Itzana / 26 Aug 2015
Experience Chain-free Travel In Belize

When you land in Belize you may notice something a bit... different. Gaze out the window of your plane, cruise down Placencia's streets on your bike, or sail along the coast in your yacht and you'll see an endless array of gorgeous sights. What you won't see are any chain stores, restaurants, or hotels.

Not even one.

The entire country is one of an elite group where you can go from jungle to coast without seeing a single golden arch or familiar hotel logo. Everything from the gourmet restaurants to the luxury accommodations are truly unique.

This authenticity is what makes Belize such an exciting destination, and it's a big part of why our international team chose Placencia as the perfect spot to house our one-of-a-kind property. After all, the adventurers that will visit Itz'ana (and become part of the family) aren't chain-hotel-types.

Experience Chain-free Travel In Belize

The connoisseurs. The explorers. The seekers of the new.

This wild place invites you to dive deeper and get personal. To experience a better way to travel - no pre-packed plans or ready-made itineraries are found here. Simply pure enjoyment.

Nothing can compare to the joy of discovering an unspoiled white sand beach surrounded by crystal clear Caribbean waters, or stumbling upon a small mom-and-pop restaurant that serves the best plantain pancakes on Earth (with ingredients sourced straight from the farmer, of course).

There's certainly nothing better than returning after a day of adventure to your waterfront villa to relax in luxury as the stars come out above your private deck.

The word about Belize is getting out. Names like Francis Ford Coppola and Leonardo DiCaprio have bought into the magic of the country, making big investments in its future. In another few years, this small Central American jewel will be the destination on everyone's tickets.

Experience Chain-free Travel In Belize

We have no doubt that throughout its rise to fame, the authentic soul of Belize - the reason we've all fallen in love with it - will remain true.

So what are you waiting for? Get that pioneering spirit of yours on a plane and cultivate your next adventurer's tale.

Ready to see what's new in luxury travel? Book a Discovery Tour to Belize today!

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