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By: Itz'ana Resort / 01 Dec 2023
Holiday Magic at Itz'ana Resort

In the gentle embrace of Belize, a short sojourn away from the vibrant spirit of the city life, Itz'ana Resort unfurls like a hidden jewel in the charming town of Placencia. Upon your arrival, the Caribbean breeze welcomes you, and the allure of our sanctuary becomes apparent. Your holiday adventure is a harmonious blend of tranquility and excitement, beginning with a seamless descent onto our private shores, where time stretches graciously, allowing you to revel in the beauty of Itz'ana for as long as your heart desires this holiday season.

Decor that Dazzles

As the resort gears up for the holiday season, our commitment to celebration is matched only by our passion for creativity and attention to detail. Itz'ana goes above and beyond to curate a magical holiday experience for our cherished guests. Stepping into our sanctuary, you're immediately embraced by an atmosphere radiating warmth, refined elegance, and festive cheer. Our design team, inspired by the beauty of the coastal landscape, envisions unique displays featuring vibrant lights, seasonal flora and fauna, and festive ornaments. Strolling through the grounds, you'll encounter a delightful tapestry of sights and sounds, encapsulating the true essence of the season.

Taste of Joy

No holiday is complete without delectable treats and feasts, and at Itz'ana, our culinary team takes pride in curating a menu that indulges the senses. Limilia and the Biblio Bar create festive menus featuring gourmet dishes and seasonally-inspired cocktails. From traditional holiday dishes to globally inspired cuisine, our chefs infuse every meal with the spirit of celebration. Special holiday menus, themed dining experiences, and expertly crafted cocktails all add an extra layer of delight to our guests' culinary journey this season. 

Experiences that Enchant

As we welcome the holiday spirit into our kitchens, we also extend the invitation for guests to join us in mixology classes, where you can master the art of creating your favorite holiday treats with guidance from our expert mixologists. 

Itz'ana presents a lively collection of events and activities, inviting guests to partake in a holiday experience that cultivates togetherness, sparks laughter, and evokes pure joy. This year, some of our on-site activities include holiday movie nights on the beach, poolside parties, our Christmas Edition Artisan Market, Santa Claus' arrival, Christmas feasts and a Garifuna Jankunu Night–a night full of vibrant music, dance, and mime that has been passed down from generations in an art form unique to the local Garifuna culture. Explore our full range of Holiday Activities here!

The Team Behind the Magic

Behind every twinkling light and festive arrangement is a dedicated team of professionals who work tirelessly to make the holiday magic happen. From our talented chefs and creative decorators to our attentive concierge and warm-hearted housekeeping staff, each member of the Itz'ana family plays a crucial role in bringing joy to our guests' holiday experience. We extend a gracious thank you to each and every one of them!

Wishing you a holiday season filled with joy, wonder, and magic. Happy Holidays!

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