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Behind Limilia: Discovering The Persona Inside Our Restaurant

By: Itzana / 17 Apr 2018
Behind Limilia: Discovering The Persona Inside Our Restaurant

We cannot wait for guests to experience Limilia, Itz'ana's restaurant overlooking the Caribbean Sea. It's sure to become a highlight for guests during their stay at Itz'ana, with seasonal menus using local ingredients that nod to Belize's native inhabitants, the Garifuna. (Fun fact: "Limilia" is the Garifuna word for fish.) But what's the story behind Limilia? Where did its vibrant designs and colorful personality come from?

For answers, we turned to Simone Fabricius. The New York City-based creative director is the expert branding designer who created what Limilia has become. Half Asian and half Danish, she grew up and was educated in Denmark before working in Paris for a decade and then in Dubai. Her brand designs have aided some of the world's most recognized brands, such as Campari, VICE, PepsiCo, and, now, Itz'ana.

Here, she shares her inspirations for Limilia.

 Behind Limilia: Discovering The Persona Inside Our Restaurant

The idea with Limilia was to pay homage to our local culture and our seaside environment. How did that influence your designs?

I definitely looked at the Garifina culture—the mixed-race descendants of West African, Central African, Island Caribbean islands—for design inspiration. That means lots of bold colors and patterns. And the electric blue together with other primary colors felt right for a seaside restaurant.

What was your process in discovering the spirit of Limilia?

The restaurant itself has a warmth and presence to it, you feel welcome and at home, so it felt natural to make Limilia into a persona, utilizing ideas from the Garifuna culture. Plus, "Limilia" instantly sounded feminine, like a name. Limilia should be someone you know, like a stylish, eccentric aunt who traveled the world and can surprise you with her colorful cooking. That's how the idea of a personal signature as a logo was born.

How did you choose what font and color scheme to use for Limilia?

The signature for a logo was inspired by the many textures you find in the restaurant, so the script feels natural, honest and personal. The result was Limilia'a signature appearing like a sign-off on menus, as if she signed a letter as a sign of approval, giving a nod to the fresh and high quality cuisine.

 Behind Limilia: Discovering The Persona Inside Our Restaurant

What's the thought process behind the patterns chosen for Limilia?

All the Garifuna patterns are wonderfully bold and expressive. And I wanted to create a unique pattern which celebrates the local culture. That pattern should be the direct link to the culture and the soul of Limilia. We use them as backgrounds, on Limilia's garment, or as standalone graphics on the menus.

How does the Limilia brand fall under the overall Itz'ana brand?

Itz'ana already has a logo that feels textured and symbolic for the Maya sun, so it felt right for Limilia to have a similar accessibility—friendly, hospitable, and warm.

 Behind Limilia: Discovering The Persona Inside Our Restaurant

What inspired you most about working on the brand development of Limilia?

The local culture and the rural beauty of Belize.

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