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By: Itz'ana Resort / 19 Jun 2023
A Summer Highlight: Lobster Fest

In Belize, the beginning of summer is marked by a globally recognized gastronomic celebration! Commemorating the opening of Belize's Spiny Lobster season on July 1st, the Lobster Fest is one of the most sought-after annual celebrations with events taking place across the country. Over the course of several days, celebrations ensue with an extraordinary lineup of activities featuring everyone's favorite crustacean. With dishes centered around the delicious freshly-caught lobster, the Lobster Fest brings together the most fascinating lobster creations you will ever witness such as lobster tacos, curry, kabobs, BBQ, and more. 

The opening of the season has become a popular time to visit for tourists. For locals and foreigners alike, this festival brings together travelers from all walks of life. With stunning blue skies, balmy breezes from the Caribbean Sea, and scrumptious seafood dishes, summer in Belize is a time of delicious, lively celebration!

Placencia's Lobster Festivities 

In Placencia, the opening of the season is a highly anticipated event that has become an inspiration for culinary creatives. Even more so for those who come from afar to enjoy the cuisine! From its inception in 1998, the Placencia Lobster Festival has always been a way to showcase the vibrant culture and traditional heritage of the Peninsula. The event plays a major role in giving back to the community by providing a multitude of opportunities for seasonal employment, and even fundraising scholarships for local youth. 

Placencia's Lobster Festivities

Considered one of the most popular events of the season, this year's celebrations are set to take place from July 14th-16th, 2023. From live entertainment, to tug of war games and drinking competitions, this year's lineup has something fun for everyone!  

Savor Summer Moments in Belize 

In Belize, summer moments are to be savored and enjoyed. With plenty of opportunities for extraordinary gastronomic events across the country, days filled with sun, and fun, summer in Belize is a magical time for enjoying all the country has to offer. Make Itz'ana your basecamp for the festivities. With our stunning accommodations and award-winning amenities, Itz'ana Resort is where summer is best enjoyed on the Caribbean Sea.

Savor Summer Moments in Belize

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