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The Best Rainy Day Activities At Itz'ana

By: Itzana / 10 Nov 2016
The Best Rainy Day Activities At Itz'ana

You're searching for adventure, but that doesn't always need to happen while exploring the jungle or diving through caves. Sometimes the weather doesn't cooperate, or you just need a break from the sunshine.  

Whatever may keep you indoors for a day, at Itz'ana, there's so many options to keep you invigorated and inspired...

Get lost in a book in The Library Bar inside The Great House
Our Hemingway-inspired Library Bar is the perfect place to curl up into an armchair with your favourite dog-eared book. Listen to the rain pattering on the windows as you turn the pages of your favorite novel or choose one of ours. The best thing about our Library Bar? The adventures are limitless.

The Best Rainy Day Activities At Itz'ana

Watch a movie in The Great House Nook
Netflix and chill? Try movie marathon and lounge at our in-home theater, The Nook.  Lay back and veg on oversized lounge sofas with surround sound and a 110' projector screen.  Oh did we mention exclusive butler service too (Popcorn anyone?)?  Invite your loved ones and take your pick from our sublime collection, and sink in. You'll almost wish every day was a movie day in paradise.

Indulge in a spa treatment or two
Endless jungle trekking can make your body feel a bit overworked. Our state-of-the-art spa uses locally sourced rainforest botanicals and traditional Mayan methods to scrub, massage, and restore your mind and body. Rest those tired muscles and invigorate your soul before or after your massage in our meditation room overlooking the beautiful lagoon.

The Best Rainy Day Activities At Itz'ana

Got some extra energy to burn off afterwards? Hit the treadmill at our exceptional fitness facility, stocked with everything you need to stay healthy for your next round of climbing Mayan ruins.

Hang with locals at the Pickled Parrot's Trivia Night
Test your knowledge of useless, but endlessly amusing, facts during a night out at the Pickled Parrot. You may surprise yourself with your own knowledge! We could wax poetic about many nights at the Parrot, but you'll want to see it for yourself before you fall in love. For now, we'll just set the stage for love at first sight.

The Best Rainy Day Activities At Itz'ana

Enjoy a private yoga session with a sunset or sunrise view
Turn your mind off and connect with your breath. The sunset view (or sunrise, if you're an early riser) from your villa is a great partner to flow with, from downward dog through tree pose. Soften your tight hips, relax your shoulders, and stretch out those hamstrings. Your next adventure will be that much better. Mats are always available when you feel the need to unwind.

The Best Rainy Day Activities At Itz'ana

Try your hand at a cooking class
Food is for more than just sustenance. In our tropical kitchen, fresh produce and sustainably sourced ingredients shine in meals you'll want to help prepare day after day. Learn new skills, take home fresh recipes, and ensure your friends will always be vying for a dinner invite. Choose from traditional Mayan, Garifuna, or Creole cuisine and bring the spirit of Belize back to your home.

Ready to beat the rainy day blues in Belize? Get in touch with our team to start planning your perfect escape... or even finally buying that vacation home you've been dreaming of.

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