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Shopping With Our Interior Designer

By: Itzana / 01 Aug 2017
Shopping With Our Interior Designer

Our interior designer Samuel Amoia has described his vision for Itz'ana as "colonial chic meets Central American ethnic." He's been all over the region with his team gathering inspiration, working with local artisans, and hunting for pieces that tell the story of this gorgeous place.

One of his most recent trips was to the famous Mercado La Lagunilla in Mexico City, where he and his associate Mike Rupp spent a day chasing down the perfect pieces to grace the shelves, walls, tables, and ceilings of Itz'ana.

The intrepid designers were accompanied by Cecilia Perdomo, a Mexico City-based interior designer who kindly showed them all her favorite spots.

Every neighborhood has its own market – there are over three hundred in Mexico City alone – but Sam chose this particular flea market for its reputation as a treasure hunter's paradise.

Rare books, old records, ornate costumes, vintage cameras, and original furniture made by the vendors themselves – La Lagunilla has something for every eye. And collectors from all over the world come to see what they can dig up.

A market has existed on this site since colonial times and the current incarnation is one of the largest in the city. Many of the vendors tend the same stalls their grandparents owned generations ago, so Sam knows he's working with the experts here.

He and his team spent hours walking the lanes, talking with vendors, and learning the stories and origins of the treasures they found.

And of course, testing out even the smallest piece of furniture!

We'll have to wait until the Grand Opening to see which of Sam's finds make it into the tapestry of Itz'ana. From the streets of Mexico to the mountains of Guatemala to the local artists here in Placencia – he's crafting a masterpiece that's sure to wow our design-loving guests.

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And if you're interested in owning one of our Amoia-designed Residences be sure to contact our sales team ASAP – only a few of these gorgeous homes remain unsold!

Everyone on our team has poured their hearts into this project, and we can't wait to welcome you all to see the result.

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