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Meet Our Owners

By: Itzana / 22 Nov 2016
Meet Our Owners

From New York to California and everywhere in between, the intrepid travelers that have become founding members of our Homeowner's Club - what we call our Itz'ana family - are absolutely some of the most fascinating humans you'll ever meet.

They are biologists, educators, lawyers, professionals of all stripes and even two summer camp owners. With a lineup like this, the member's lounge in the Great House is guaranteed to be full of scintillating conversation.

We thought it would be fun to get to know our owners a bit better and find out what drew such a diverse set of people to Placencia. We'd like you all to meet Stephanie & Harold Lee, Laurel & Mike Zdeblick, Lisa & Scott Shaffer, Shelagh & Tony Verco, and Tracy Park & Marty Smith!

And of course you can spot some of their accomplished children in the photos! So... why did all these people end up choosing Placencia for their vacations?

Meet Our Owners

"We fell in love with Belize about 10 years ago on a family trip to Ambergris Caye. We came to Placencia the following year to do our certification dives. We fell in love with the simple charm of the peninsula. The people were so friendly, the food was amazing and the diving superb!" We couldn't agree more with Laurel's assessment of Placencia's many charms.

When asked what excited them about Belize on their first visits, the answers are as diverse as the owners themselves...

As for their best memories from their trips to Belize, we're thrilled how many of our new owners mentioned the Itz'ana pop-up restaurants on the beach last summer!

Meet Our Owners

"There was something magical about those dinners. The setting was spectacular, the wine-pairings and education from Enrico, the people we met who we know are becoming our Itz'ana neighbors, the lasting relationships made with many of the staff... what a solid foundation for our time here in Belize," says Shelagh Verco.

Of course, we can't wait to replicate the magic with our Limilia Restaurant in 2017 and beyond.

There is absolutely something special about that first flight into Placencia. It simply takes your breath away.

But, of course, what we selfishly wanted to know above all else... what makes them excited about being homeowners at Itz'ana?

Meet Our Owners

And of course, when asked "why Itz'ana?" the sailors couldn't stop talking about the marina, the foodies about the cuisine, and everyone was thrilled with what their Itz'ana investment would do for their bottom line.

"Investing in a vision of luxury and the feeling of being on vacation everyday, while actually owning a piece of paradise (without restrictions of when and how long you can stay in your villa) is most exciting," said Tracy from Carlsbad.

And that's precisely what we think makes this community so special - the freedom the owners have to use their vacation home as much as they wish. Each owner finds the perfect balance of investment and enjoyment that suits their family's desires. And fulfilling each adventurer's desire is what has driven Itz'ana mission from day one.

We can't wait to raise a glass of Caribbean rum to these founding members of the family when our resort officially opens in 2017. Will you be joining us?

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