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Meet An Owner: Justin Keane

By: Itzana / 15 Aug 2017
Meet An Owner: Justin Keane

You all loved meeting a few of our homeowners so much last winter we thought – why stop there?! We'll be spotlighting our owners every few weeks as we get ready for summer and our soft opening!

(Thinking of joining the ranks of our homeowners club? Less than 30% of our residences are still available – so book your Discovery Tour today!)

First up this spring, we sit down with Justin Keane, a commercial real estate professional from Dallas (and the youngest member of our Homeowners Club to date) with a passion for kayaking and photography who just had a feeling he'd find his perfect second home on the shores of Placencia…

"I was pretty confident on Belize as a second home before I had even visited. I got swept up in reading about and studying the country. There was so much to draw you in: quick, easy flights from Texas, English as the official language, the ease of the currency exchange, and the second largest barrier reef in the world."

No one can resist Belize's laundry list of undeniable charms. We certainly don't blame you for being intrigued Justin!

"It's true those are all things that drive tourism. That said, tourism can also be a negative. Countries can sometimes sell their soul and lose some of their culture in the pursuit of the tourism market."

 Meet An Owner: Justin Keane

"What sold me on Belize is the ability to visit the country without feeling like a tourist. The experience feels authentic. The country seems committed to keeping Belize local and letting it grow organically with emphasis on cultural and eco conservatism."

Belize has long called to a certain type of discerning adventurer. You won't find cheesy, pre-packaged tourism here.

The entire population is dedicated to keeping our treasures protected for generations to come, from the towering Maya temple of Xunantunich in the West to the edges of the Barrier Reef in the East.

And of course, we at Itz'ana have put environmental and social responsibility at the top of our priority list.

But it's not just the beauty of our waterfront that drew Justin to us…

"Beauty is a dime a dozen in the Caribbean. For me personally, the professionalism and care that went into the simplest of details set Itz'ana apart and gave me the level of comfort I needed to invest. I didn't get that feeling at the other projects I toured."

That's a skill we've perfected for over a decade at our sister resort, Ka'ana. We're so glad it's getting noticed!

Something else Justin loves? "The ability to live in my new home year around if I want to. That was huge! Unfortunately, I can't live there year round, but I still could never get over buying a home somewhere and having someone tell me when I was allowed to be there. Many other projects limit the homeowner to certain allotted time."

That doesn't make much sense to us either, Justin. We treat our homeowners as part of the family here!

So what part of Itz'ana is this budding photographer looking forward to most? "That's the toughest question yet! I think it would probably be the Hemingway-inspired Library Bar overlooking the ocean. Hemingway, libraries, and laid back bars are easily three of my favorite things."

Ours too! And of course, Justin told us he can't wait to make fast friends with the whale sharks who come visit us every spring & summer.

"I truly enjoy watersports like kayaking and working on my photography. Itz'ana and Belize offer a whole new world to me as an amateur photographer and I can't wait to capture it through a lens."

As for his most memorable experience as an Itz'ana owner so far? "I have a fairly stressful job and relaxing is quite difficult. But on a slow day in Placencia I stepped away from the crowd for a minute and walked down the beach to get some signal and check in with my girlfriend stateside. I sat in a chair to start texting but before I knew it the Belizean cocktail of waves crashing against the shore, the sun disappearing over the horizon, and the cool breeze gliding over each passing crest washed over me and I was asleep on the chair with my phone in the sand."

That's the signature Placencia vibe that keeps people coming back for more!

We're so thrilled that Justin chose to be a part of the Itz'ana family. We can't wait to get him settled in to his new villa and into the great blue deep.

Want to join him? Talk to our team today to claim your piece of paradise. Spaces are going fast!

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