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Marine Excursions At Itz'ana

By: Itzana / 19 May 2016
Marine Excursions At Itz'ana

As beautiful as Itz'ana is, you didn't come to Belize just to relax by our pool and eat ceviche at our overwater bar. The beautiful Caribbean Sea beckons to every explorer. With endless treasures to behold, the second largest barrier reef in the world must be visited again and again.

At Itz'ana you'll be able to experience the best the Caribbean has to offer directly from our on-site marina. Here's a small sampling of what you have to look forward to...

The Blue Hole

The famous Blue Hole - photographed for countless travelogues and the most well-known site in Belize - is a breathtaking sight. Consistently ranked as one of the best scuba diving spots in the world, you can choose to either snorkel its gorgeous surface or dive deep beneath the waves to explore the mysteries below. Either way it's guaranteed to be a life-changing experience.

Marine Excursions At Itz'ana

The Barrier Reef

Named a UNESCO World Heritage Site for it's "Outstanding Universal Value," the largest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere is a must-see for explorers of all ages. Its offshore atolls, hundreds of white sand cayes, beautiful mangrove forests and coastal lagoons provide limitless opportunities for adventure. Go snorkeling with an expert guide who can point out the full rainbow of fish that call this reef home - and show you a local secret or two!

Marine Excursions At Itz'ana

Surrounded by water on both sides, locals on the Placencia peninsula love to spend their days exploring the marine paradise that surrounds them. Whether it's a day catching fish or catching rays on a remote caye, you won't find anyone here who doesn't worship the sea on a regular basis. Here are just a few of our favorite activities (all available directly from our Harbour House, of course)...

Swimming with Whale Sharks

The most epic of adventures happens every spring in the blue waters off of Placencia. This annual event is hotly anticipated by locals and visitors alike. People fly from all over the world for a chance to glimpse - or perhaps even swim, snorkel and scuba with - these gentle giants of the deep.

Marine Excursions At Itz'ana

Snorkeling in Silk Caye

There are so many cayes just off the coast of Placencia you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who's been to them all. But of all the beautiful beaches in all the world, we think Silk Caye just might be the prettiest. Pristine white sand, cool blue waters, and endless snorkeling opportunities. Once you've seen it, you may never want to leave.

Legendary Fishing

If you ask the locals in Placencia what their favorite weekend activity is, fishing is sure to be high on the list. These waters are full of bonefish, permit, tarpon and countless other big catches. Whether you're after the fly fishing story of a lifetime or simply want to catch your dinner, our fisherman will be happy to assist you on an amazing day out.

Sail Away From It All

Rent a sailboat or bring your own yacht - our private marina has slips available for boats up to an 8' draft and 65' in length. Step out of your villa directly onto the deck of your ship. Then cast off the bowlines and sail away for a day of exploring and soaking up the Belizean sun, wherever the winds may take you.

Marine Excursions At Itz'ana

You can read more about all the adventures that await you in Belize here. As if you needed any more reasons to plan your trip to Itz'ana. Sign up to be the first to know when we begin accepting bookings for 2017 and beyond!

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