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Learn Some Belezian Kriol!

By: Itzana / 30 Sep 2016
Learn Some Belezian Kriol!

Itz'ana isn't just a resort - it's an experience. From tasting local Caribbean rums in the Great House to touring the world-famous cacao farms of Southern Belize, every inch of our beautiful oasis is designed to get you in touch with the land, the sea, and the people of Placencia.

So as you're prepping your next trip, while you're figuring out the best areas to explore and which restaurants to hit up each evening, why not try learning a few words of the local language?

 Learn Some Belezian Kriol!

Of course English is the national language of Belize and is spoken by all - but if you really want to connect with the locals, it's Kriol you'll be speaking!

We love to help our guests immerse themselves in the local culture… even before you arrive! We've gathered some of our favorite Kriol phrases to help you practice before you even board the plane to paradise.

You'll notice the similarities between Belizean Kriol and English when you try these phrases aloud. If you can speak English, you can have fun practicing these and have a new way to engage with the local community!

 Learn Some Belezian Kriol!

Start by greeting locals in the morning with a ‘gud mawnin' (good morning) or ‘weh di go aan' (Hello/what's up?) and then try…

Weh yuh naym? — What's your name?
Yuh da Belize? — Are you from Belize?
Mi naym da… — My name is…
Si yoo lata. — See you later.
Ah pekish. — I'm hungry.
Ah tayad/mi tayad — I'm tired.
Weh/weh-paat… — Where is…?
Evryting gud/aarite. — Everything's fine.
Tenk yu. — Thank you.
Gud night. — Good evening.
Mi love Bileez! — I love Belize!

Try a few of these out next time you're in Placencia and you'll fit right in - or at least everyone will have a good laugh! And what better way to connect on a deep level than by sharing the language with a smile?

 Learn Some Belezian Kriol!

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