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By: Itz'ana Belize Resort & Residences / 13 Dec 2022

With an earnest commitment to addressing the environmental concerns of our home, Belize, on December 9th Itz'ana Resort partnered with 4ocean an ocean cleanup company, and Maverick a global network of entrepreneurs creating worldwide impact, to host a beach clean-up event. This was an incredible opportunity for the community to come together and collaborate for a greater purpose. The event was a success and saw the participation of both the community and our international partners. 

At Itz'ana we understand our responsibility to not only provide one-of-a-kind guest experiences but to also protect and conserve the natural resources that make Belize so unique. As said by our General Manager, Juan Carlos Fernandez, "We recognize that Seine Bight is truly a natural wonder, and an incredible destination for travelers, which is why we find it essential to maintain its pristine character. Over the years, we have been dedicated to expanding our environmental and social commitments to initiatives both on and off our property." We are proud of our commitment to addressing the environmental and social needs of our community, and doing our part in preserving Seine Bight and the Placencia Peninsula for future generations.

We take this opportunity to extend of most sincere gratitude to all those who helped to make this event a success, and we look forward to more collaborations and more incredible community engagements! 

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