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By: Itz'ana Belize Resort & Residences / 07 Feb 2023

Spend your next corporate incentive trip in ultimate luxury and style at Itz'ana Resort. Let our beachfront oasis reward top-performing employees with an unforgettable getaway basked in luxury. Employees will leave feeling pampered and energized after indulging in private villas, world-class dining, and spectacular marine excursions! 

Sit Back, Relax & Indulge 

Here, high rises are replaced by extraordinary vistas - turquoise waters, swaying palms, and miles of golden sand. Spend your days indulging in the sophisticated comforts of our luxury accommodations designed to envelop guests in a world of impeccable style and unmatched amenities. Let our dedicated service team- from our private chefs to our dedicatedbutlers- indulge you in all the spoils we know you deserve! 

Gastronomy You Deserve 

From the depths of Belize's rich cultural heritage comes an unforgettable culinary adventure where culture and nature take precedence. Here at Itz'ana Resort, we are experts in indulging those that deserve it with dining experiences that offer a unique medley of flavors brought to life by Caribbean, Mestizo, and Garifuna influences - each one as delightful as it is distinct. From sumptuous dishes prepared with fresh local ingredients to the energetic drumming. Experience the magnificence of culture as you enjoy a feast for both body and soul with experiences such as our Garifuna-inspired dinner at our signature restaurant, Limilia. 


Make it Your Own 

On our Caribbean Paradise, the hum of the city slips away, replaced by an atmosphere of beachside sophistication and unsurpassed hospitality. It's a warm welcome to a perfect stay. If you're looking for an unforgettable corporate incentive trip destination, look no further than Itz'ana Resort. Take over the entire property for ultimate privacy- your group will enjoy complete seclusion, total access to amenities and services, and unlimited opportunities to impress and indulge!  

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