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A Day At Itz'ana

By: Itzana / 14 Sep 2015
A Day At Itz'ana

You wake up to the water gently lapping against the edge of your villa. Head to the kitchen to make yourself a cup of fresh coffee (sourced locally) and then out to your private deck to watch the world as it rises.

Maybe you'll start the day with an invigorating yoga class on the outdoor deck in the Great House. Or just sit and take in the sounds of the birds while diving into a great book. As the sun warms your skin, you decide to have a quick dip in your plunge pool before a breakfast of homemade granola and a fresh green smoothie made with local ingredients.

As you look out over the marina, you spot the resort boat and decide on your mission for the day: find a new adventure. Grab your daypack and hop on board for the quick 30-minute ride to the second largest barrier reef in the world!

A Day At Itz'ana

Fishing, snorkeling and diving await you in this underwater wonderland. It's a playground for explorers and nature-lovers of all ages. And if you're lucky enough to be here in springtime, you may even catch a glimpse of the most magical creature in these waters: the gentle whale sharks.

As they gracefully glide through the blue water, you'll marvel at how small you feel next to these giants of the sea. And how easy it is to feel connected to the natural world when surrounded by so much astonishing beauty.

Reflecting on your experience beneath the deep, you suddenly realize you're starving! Thankfully, your captain has brought along a picnic and knows the best spot to lay it out for your very own private island escape.

A Day At Itz'ana

There's nothing more relaxing than a casual lunch on a perfect white-sand Caribbean beach.

After lunch is complete and the wine glasses emptied, the captain whisks you back to Itz'ana, where it's time for another big decision: do you relax at the spa all afternoon, or head off for another adventure?

While a cacao farm tour sounds delicious, the spa calls to you. Chocolate tasting will have to wait until tomorrow! Spend the afternoon enjoying a traditional Mayan massage and mid-afternoon ceviche snack aboard our floating beach dock, followed by a dip in the pool.

As evening falls, reconvene with the rest of your group for an intimate dinner at Limilia. The sea-to-table restaurant surprises with international twists on local favorites. Bite in to a fish caught just that morning and sip wine from the extensive cellar, putting a perfect end on a wonderful day.

A Day At Itz'ana

But before you say goodnight to your companions, why not slip up to the Rum Room for a taste of the Caribbean's best spirits. Then sit under the night sky on the rooftop deck, counting the shooting stars.

What could be more perfect?

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