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Join us in supporting marine conservation efforts in Belize! With your help, we can make a difference.

At Itz'ana, sustainable tourism is at the heart of our endeavors. Our latest initiative is a Shark Conservation Program, through a collaborative effort between Itz'ana Resort and NGOs whose mission is to help protect shark species in Belize and in the Mesoamerican Reef region.

We are elated to launch this new program, which will play an integral role in conserving this top predator and the ecosystems these organisms depend on. Therefore, Itz'ana is partnering with two incredible NGOs, Fishers4Science and Fundacion Mundo Azul, who have dedicated their time and resources to protecting the region's shark populations from overfishing, habitat loss, and other threats. Through this program, we hope to raise awareness of the importance of shark conservation, not only in Belize but around the world

Fundacion Mundo Azul

About Fundacion Mundo Azul

Since 2014, the Fundacion Mundo Azul team has worked tirelessly in fostering the preservation of sharks, rays, and their ecosystems. The three main lines of work of Fundación Mundo Azul (FUNMZ) are guided by generating practical knowledge, influencing the legal framework and the degree of compliance, and contributing to improving the quality of life of coastal communities through education, training programs, participatory community research, and the development of alternative and sustainable livelihoods. 

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About Fishers4Science

About Fishers4Science

Fishers4Science is a Belize-based NGO working to monitor shark landings and assess the sustainability of fishing in Belize. Like many developing countries, Belize has limited resources to invest in protecting marine ecosystems, but this NGO has responded to the need by raising funds, with the purpose of hiring local fishers to work alongside their biologists for a united purpose. The result is a collection of vital information about the fishery and shark populations in Belize, as well as reduction in fishing pressure on sharks. 

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In order to make this program a reality, we are hosting an exclusive fundraising event for our NGO partners.

We invite you to join us, and treat yourself to an elegant evening at our luxury resort, all while supporting a worthy cause. 

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