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September Celebrations & Independence At Itz'ana

By: Itzana / 11 Oct 2017
September Celebrations & Independence At Itz'ana

September was a big month of celebration and activities for us in Belize. September 10th was the final battle in the Spaniards attempt to take over Belize in 1798 and September 21st marks the Independence of Belize from Britain in 1981—these markers make the whole month one of celebration! We're proud to call this beautiful place home and that's why we take the time to celebrate the heritage and history. Our team members took part in various festivities throughout the month of September and we're sharing the details with you and encouraging you to join us next year!

 September Celebrations & Independence At Itz'ana

Here's some of the events and things we participated in:

 September Celebrations & Independence At Itz'ana
  • Fishing Tournament (September 9 and 10): Hosted by Chabil Mar Resort in Placencia Village, this two-day Marelco Yamaha Fishing Tournament is a chance for anglers to compete in a number of different categories: Kingfish, Barracuda, Jack, Wahoo, Dorado and Tuna fishing. A great competition, for the competitive sort, or a viewing experience for families alike!
  • Battle of St. George's Caye Day Parade (September 10): We paraded through the streets in Belize's colors – red, white and blue – singing and marching to some of Belize's most patriotic songs. This activity has been done for over 60 years throughout the entire country and we are proud to have participated this year!
  • Raising of the Flag Ceremony (September 20): At midnight in Belize City, we participate in a flag raising ceremony that takes place to bring in Independence Day. There was also a huge celebration held at the Placencia Pier with local bands and traditional "Bruk Down Music" and late night fireworks.
  • Am J'ouvert Parade (September 21): We paraded through the streets in the early hours to celebrate the new year of being an independent country. Get sprayed with paint, and mud and chocolate syrup for a colorful and fun experience. Then rinse off with a dip in the ocean just in time to see the most stunning sunrise.
  • Carnival Parade (September 21): Several carnival groups are dressed in colorful creative costumes. As they play music and celebrate the country's independence. All are welcomed to join the parade. Dress up and have fun!

There's a few other festivals that aren't in September, but you should definitely keep an eye out for next year:

  • Lobster Fest in Placencia – June 22-24
  • Mango Fest in Hopkins – June 2-3
  • Chocolate Fest in Punta Gorda –  May 18-20
 September Celebrations & Independence At Itz'ana

Teresa Godfrey, a Sales & Marketing Coordinator who has worked for us since July 2017 was born and raised in Placencia. Her grandfather participated in Belize's independence, and she was gracious enough to share his story.

"My Grandfather, Villamar Godfrey always spoke of the day we got independence. He would reminisce on the day he shook Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price's (the First Prime Minister of Belize) hand. He always said that the love he had for our country was always evident and if it wasn't for him Belize wouldn't be what it is today."

Thanks to brave people like Villamer Godfrey, we are able to call Belize home and continue celebrating this incredible gem.

 September Celebrations & Independence At Itz'ana

Join in on the celebrations next year, or if you can't wait book a trip today!

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