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Meet An Owner: Eileen & Bill Senke

By: Itzana / 01 Sep 2017
Meet An Owner: Eileen & Bill Senke

This is the latest in our ongoing series profiling some of our Itz'ana homeowners. Get to know them all here.

When Eileen first met Bill over 25 years ago, he was already thinking about purchasing property in Belize. Over the years they explored postcard-perfect spots all over the Caribbean – St. John, St. Thomas, Barbados – and discovered their shared love of tropical beauty and the laid back vibe of the beach towns.

"We didn't do organized tours – we just enjoyed exploring and getting to know the locals, their cultures and the natural beauty surrounding them."

They sound like the perfect Itz'ana voyagers already, don't they?

"We presently call Falls Church, Virginia home but have previously lived in West Palm Beach, Syracuse, San Diego, Newport, RI, and Stonington, CT. We both love to live life to the fullest – spending time exploring with swimming and kayaks and bikes and road trips, as well as spending quiet time reading, talking together or simply drinking a fabulous bottle of wine and watching the sun go down."

These two are sure to have some fascinating stories to share in the private Member's Lounge!

But life isn't all play for the Senkes. Eileen worked as a Government Contractor for the US Navy before retiring early. She now does Staging & Interior Design in her free time while Bill toils at the Navy Surface Warfare Center Carderock focusing on Naval sonar training systems (he previously spent 5 years in the Navy as a Lieutenant Commander).

So, what made these incredible adventurers come back to Belize when it came time to find a second home?

"After narrowing it down, we decided that Belize checked off everything on our wish list. And it seemed to be a fateful choice 25 years after we first had the idea! After flying down and spending time in both Ambergris Caye and Placencia there was no decision to be made. Placencia called out to us with its stunning beauty, unspoiled beaches and the warmth of the people who live there."

And what made Itz'ana stand out compared to other projects you visited?

"Where do we begin? From our very first visit to the Itz'ana site when we met with Jerel and went over the incredibly fabulous plans for what was to come, we knew in our hearts that this was to be our new second home. While visiting the model home we were extremely impressed with the quality of the finishes and the design aesthetic which since it reflected our own style."

"We loved the emphasis on nature as well as the outstanding amenities like the Great House and having the property encompass an area from beach to lagoon. After reviewing the sound financial planning that was evident in making Itz'ana a true sought-after destination, there was no doubt that it was where we belonged."

That fills us with pride Eileen! It was love at first sight for us, too. Can we ask what excites you most about life at Itz'ana?

"We're most excited about spending time in our new home relaxing, as well as taking advantage of all the world class amenities that Itz'ana will have to offer. Time at the beach and pool, wonderful romantic dinners at Limilia and laughter-filled dinners with friends old and new, tasting rums in the Rum Room, and kayaking, bicycling and snorkeling to our heart's content! And of course using our beautiful new home as a starting point while we explore the rest of beautiful Belize and all its culture, natural beauty and people."

You've got it all figured out Senkes! We can't wait to toast to new adventures in the Rum Room and give you everything you need to continue your explorations.

There's so many new memories waiting to be made, but what's your favorite been so far?

"Our favorite times were spent simply holding hands and walking along the beach… but both of us were wonderfully amazed by the vast unspoiled openness of the countryside and the beauty of both the water and coastline. We look forward to exploring this incredibly stunning country that we will soon call home."

And we look forward to having you as part of the Itz'ana family! Thinking of joining Eileen & Bill in our homeowners club? Less than 30% of our residences are still available – so book your Discovery Tour today and see what all the fuss is about!

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